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Introducing the Blog. (1st Sept 2013)

Welcome to the Comix Môn Blog. This is where you will find infrequent blog posts ranging from various topics, news items, a monthly Twitter re-cap, and some reviews, if I have time. Not all posts will be relevant to the site - basically just what's on my mind. Comments have been removed indefinitely due to errors. There's no RSS feed, however you can follow @ComixMon on Twitter for the latest site updates, blog posts, and tweets of interest. Feel free to drop me a line through Twitter or you can contact me via e-mail. Enjoy!

New Site Build FAQ. (22nd Feb 2014)

As previously reported last year, Comix Môn will be getting a complete overhaul and facelift in the future as I will be utilising new systems to build the site up from scratch. Please find below a number of frequently asked questions I've drawn up for this process. Feel free to get in touch with any others.

Why are you rebuilding the site from scratch?

It has been brought to my attention that the current build of the site is no longer inline with industry standards, and these outdated standards currently being utilised by the site are slowly becoming obsolete. This means that unless a complete new build from scratch is created using current industry standards, the site will become inoperable in the near future.

When will the new build launch?

No launch date will be announced, when the new build is ready to launch it will be launched immediately.

Has the new build begun?

No. I currently have other prioritise at the moment and therefore the process of building a new site has not yet begun. I will also need to familiarise myself with the new systems before commencing any serious work on the site.

When the new build process begins will it have an adverse affect on the maintaining of the current build?

No, until the new build fully launches the current build will continue to be updated. As the two builds are housed on two different systems, and there is no immediate requirement to launch a new build, I have the luxury of taking some time to build the new site at a comfortable pace while continuing to maintain the current site simultaneously.

Last time the site was rebuilt it went completely offline for several weeks, is this likely to occur again?

Circumstances can never be fully predicted. Though the live site was not being maintained during the last rebuild, there was no intention of taking the site offline, however, a number of unforeseen circumstances arose which contributed to cause several issues. As of writing there is no intent to have the current build offline until the new build is ready to launch in its entirety.

How does this affect new site features being rolled out?

Any new site features I had previously referenced to have now been scrapped for the current build, with the exception of individual issue pages as and when they're needed. However, these will all be things I will look into introducing instantly with the new build, and every issue covered will include an individual issue page at launch.

Will the cover checklists support browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer on the Desktop?

Yes, this is one of the features scrapped for the current build, but will be utilised instantly for the new build.

Will comments return to individual blog posts?

This is something I hope to reintroduce with the new build, but is all dependant on compatibility.

Will you support RSS Feeds?

As an alternative to RSS Feeds I introduced @ComixMon on Twitter, however, this is something I will look into incorporating with the new build if possible.

Will the site feature a mobile friendly version?

This is a feature which has been scrapped for the current build, but is something I will be looking into the possibility of introducing along side the launch of the new build.

What affect, if any, will this have on the Comics Môn Archive?

The Comics Môn Archive will not be included as part of the new build, however it will be relocated back to its original home at Comics Môn and will be held there in its current format. When the time comes that the site is no longer operable no further action will be taken as the site will be for archival purposes only.

Will the Comics Môn Blog Archives also be relocated back to the original Comics Môn site?

No, only the Comics Môn Archive will be relocated to its original home at Comics Môn, the Comics Môn Blog Archives will be streamlined with the Comix Môn Blog Archives and will no longer be separate from each other.

Will older blog posts, made before individual pages were introduced, have individual pages introduced?

Yes, all blog posts, including older posts before the feature was introduced, will have their own individual pages upon launch of the new build.

What systems do you use for the current build?

The current build is maintained via Microsoft Front Page 2002 running on Windows XP.

What systems will you be using for the new build?

Current plans are for the new build to be built and maintained via Microsoft Expression Web 4 running on Windows 8, but these are subject to change.

Will Comix Môn continue to be bilingual in Welsh and English?

When I first launched Comics Môn my patriotism for my country and the language I was raised with encouraged me to build the site bilingually both in Welsh and English. Over the years however, as proud of my country and language as I am, I have come to the realisation that maintaining a specialist site covering items originating from the United States of America, and distributed through the medium of English, in a bilingual format serves no purpose. This is why over the years, as new features have been introduced to the site, I have shied away from the Welsh language. Taking this into consideration I have made the decision that the new build will be through the medium of English only, and the Welsh aspects of the site will be dropped. However, as with @ComixMon on Twitter, the Comix Môn Blog may from time to time feature off-topic posts through the medium of Welsh.

Will site images continue to be maintained via PhotoBucket?

No. Current plans are for site images to be stored locally to the site, with the exception of images from the Comics Môn Archive, which will remain unchanged. However, this is all subject to change.

Can I make any suggestions / recommendations?

Please do. I'm open to any and every suggestion and/or recommendation. Please feel free to get in touch via e-mail or @ComixMon through Twitter.


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